second-hand film cameras

Second-hand film cameras are not only inexpensive, they're also feature-rich and surprisingly capable. John Wad guides you to the best

Lightroom hidden tools

James Paterson reveals a host of obscure techniques and out-of-the-way tools to enhance your images and improve your Lightroom work flow

Using classic lenses

It’s now easier than ever to use old manual-focus lenses on your camera. Andy Westlake talks you through how to get the most out of them, from shooting to image…

In Amateur Photographer 23 September 2017 try some auto exposure and make the car the star – top automotive photographers share their secrets. Also world-renowned sports photographer Bob Martin tests

Mark Buckley with camera

Photography is an expensive pastime, but it’s not all about spending thousands on the latest DSLR. Four top pros and eight readers reveal some clever ways of keeping costs down…