Avoid the cliches

Bagging an iconic landscape is great for many photographers, but knowing when to explore alternatives is vital for expressing identity as an artist, says David Clapp

The lens features the RXD (Rapid eXtra-silent stepping Drive) AF motor unit, which Tamron claims offers fast, virtually noise free operation, so it’s also suitable for shooting video. Other features…

There were almost 7,000 entries from over 70 countries, including Brazil, Canada, USA, China, Russia, Australia and New Zealand. “My passion for dog photography started when I had my own,”…

Amateur Photographer AP 6 July 2019 Cover

In AP 6 July, we help you to understand in-depth how your camera’s AF system works. Plus, we tell you about the Nikon FA and put the Lumix S1R to…

Panasonic S1 review

Panasonic’s general-purpose full-frame mirrorless camera is very capable, but bulkier and less refined than its competitors

Amateur Photographer 29 June 2019 Cover

In AP 29 June, Ross Hoddinott answers all your exposure queries and John Wade explains how to turn film negs into digital images. Plus we test the Lumix G90

Meet our famous five: Joyce, Kimberley, Tay, Julia, Davinia More women than ever are taking up photography, and AP’s female readership is growing rapidly, so we thought it would be…

Ricoh GR III

We put Ricoh's pocket friendly, APS-C sensor compact through its paces

Arctic terns

Capture Arctic terns during the summer when they are nesting at one of many seabird colonies in the UK, says Oscar Dewhurst