Liverpool’s Bluecoat celebrates 300 years with art and photography

To celebrate their 300th anniversary, Liverpool’s Bluecoat contemporary arts centre is hosting a special exhibition from 4th February, featuring 100 of their alumni artists of disciplines from music and dance, to literature and, of course, photography – including the debut…

Panasonic Lumix DC-GX800

Panasonic GX800 vs Panasonic GF7

Panasonic has simplified its line-up in a bid to make it easier for consumers to understand the differences between the old and the new

Hasselblad appoints new CEO

Hasselblad, the leading manufacturer of medium format cameras have announced that CEO, Perry Oosting, will step down from his role by the end of this month

What is the future of the selfie?

A report has explored what might lie in store for the future of the selfie and discovered that there might be more applications than one might expect, going forward

Open Eye Gallery celebrates 40 years

One of the North's premiere photography galleries celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2017, with a new programme of events concerned with the region's history and influence