Church Ope Cove

Photo location guide: Church Ope Cove

This secluded cove on the Isle of Portland in Dorset is often overlooked as a photographic location, but Jeremy Walker thinks it’s a hidden gem

Rare travel photo album makes big money

Views On The North River comprises 14 sepia images from 19th century China and was originally published in Hong Kong in 1870. The auctioned album was originally owned by George Dods, the Acting Colonial Surgeon in Hong Kong, and has…

Canon releases EOS M200, its new entry-level mirrorless

It is possible to record HD video at up to 120fps for a 4x slow-motion effect, capture 4K timelapse movies or pull out stills from 4K video. As well as beefed-up video recording capability, the new camera’s Dual Pixel CMOS…


How to create killer composites

Discover how to shoot and combine your images for all kinds of creative effects. Our Photoshop expert James Paterson show you how

Photography events plane

Discover the UK’s best photography events

If you’d like to learn new skills from high-calibre photographers, or gain access to locations and subjects normally out of bounds, consider booking a photography event, says Tracy Calder

Remembering Prince Albert: a champion of photography

The tour of the Prince Albert archive a was arranged to celebrate a major new digitisation project called Prince Albert: His Life and Legacy by the Royal Collection Trust – the body which preserves and catalogues the royal family’s massive…

Lith printing

Discover the joys of lith printing

With renewed interest among photographers in the classic process of lith printing, Mike Crawford reveals the technique and materials for best results

Secondhand week: some of the best used deals

MPB Since 2016, MPB has become very well known as a used camera and lens specialist, offering great deals in preloved kit and also buying-in your used gear at competitive prices. “It’s tempting to think ‘newer equals better’ but usually,…