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April 10, 2015

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Stop working for free: Pat Pope and Garbage
You may or may not have been following the open letter exchange between photographer Pat Pope and rock band Garbage over the past week regarding a request to use one of his images for free in an upcoming book, but it’s evolved into a pretty intense debate on photo rights and the ethics of using images. Pope has recently posted what he seems to hope is the final word on the subject, in which he urges photographers everywhere to say no to working for free. [DIY Photography]

Tintype portraits of celebrities at Sundance Film Festival
Photographer Victoria Will decided to do something a little different with her images of actors and actresses at this year’s Sundance festival, bringing along a Graflex Super D and creating aluminium tintype portraits. She explains a good deal about the process and it’s a great read. [Profoto]

11+ of the most overloaded vehicles ever
BoredPanda are currently collecting a great gallery of images of the world’s most recklessly overloaded trucks, bikes, trains and more. They’re all great, though our favourite is the egg-laden scooter [BoredPanda]

Tearing down the Sony 24-70 f/4 ZA OSS Vario Tessar
Lensrentals does was you’ve always secretly wanted to do and prises an expensive lens open to get a look at the inside. [Lensrentals]

No one has any idea how to use the phone while using a selfie stick

This is a serious problem apparently. [Buzzfeed]

New CEO at struggling Kodak is mining film legacy
A great long read on the current situation over at Kodak, and the attempts by current CEO Jeff Clarke to revitalise the struggling brand. [Seattle Times]

Moon shadow during eclipse
Hey, remember the eclipse? That was great, wasn’t it. Here’s a perspective you won’t have seen – a timelapse of the moon’s shadow as captured from the stratosphere. [Imgur]

What it’s like to fall from 3000 metres
Courtesy of a GoPro lost by an unlucky skydiver comes this intensely trippy video

DJI claims that a Phantom 3 drone is an appropriate thing to shoot a wedding with
Finally, following the recent launch of the DJI Phantom 3, the firm’s promotional blitz has been suggesting it for all manner of applications, including… wedding photos? Watch the video and judge for yourself – we’re yet to be convinced…

Also, if you’re wondering whether some wag has already recut the video with a more accurate audio representation of what having a drone at a wedding would be like, then the answer is yes. Yes they have.

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