Web Snapshot: The best photo links of the week

February 27, 2015

Links of the week February 20-27

“Sell Prints: Print Money” – The New York Times interviews Peter Lik
Remember the photo that sold for $6.5million? The New York Times tracked down the man behind it: Peter Lik, a self-described art photographer who has made a frankly staggering fortune through selling his prints. His status among the art community is . . . divisive, to say the least (choice quote: “It’s an abomination.”) [New York Times]

Nantucket Photographer captures images of partially frozen waves
How cold is it in Nantucket? Very. Very, very cold, as Jonathan Nimerfroh found out when he caught these incredible images of breaking waves turning to icy slush. [Stay Wild Magazine]

“Afghan Girl” resurfaces


The photo of Sharbat Gula, a.k.a. Afghan Girl, that appears on her Pakistani national ID card

Sharbat Gula, the name behind the green eyes in Steve McCurry’s legendary 1984 image for National Geographic, has become a famous image once again as a copy of her Pakistani computerised national identity card – a document she should not have been able to obtain as a foreign national – has been published. [The Guardian]

When Helmut Newton met Van Halen
A good long read over at Medium – how a disastrous meeting between Helmut Newton and the band Van Halen was saved by a quick-thinking South African photographer. [Medium]

The men who mine volcanoes
A fascinating photographic documenation of the Indonesian workers who brave one of the few volcanic sulfur mines left in the world. [The Atlantic]

Belgian town accuses World Press Photo winner of staging his winning series
Not a good week for World Press Photo as prize-winning photographer Giovanni Troilo is now accused of staging his ‘Dark Heart of Europe’ photo essay on the Belgian town of Chaleroi, by the mayor of the town itself. [Shutterbug]

Lenny Kravitz helps create an ‘intentionally aged’ £18k Leica.
Leica M-P_Special Edition_Lenny Kravitz.web
Lenny Kravitz has the perfect solution for that spare £18,000 sitting in your sock drawer – a special ‘Correspondent’ edition Leica M-P that has been artificially aged for an appropriately vintage look. Arguably the photographic equivalent of pre-ripped jeans. [Amateur Photographer]

Istanbul’s minimalist architecture shot by Yener Torun
A nice short interview over at It’s Nice That – check out Yener Torun’s documentation of Istanbul as a city of lines, shapes and bright colours. [It’s Nice That]

National Geographic’s Photo of the Day
Here’s our favourite image from the past week of National Geographic’s Photo of the Day feature – a wonderfully composed shot of a white ermine by Stefano Unterthiner. [National Geographic]

Annie Leibowitz takes a tour
And finally, take a walk with Annie Leibowitz as she explores her life’s work in this series of videos courtesy of Advancing Your Photography. Part one:

Part two:

Part three:

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