Photo Links of the Week February 28-March 6

Weasel on woodpecker shot was captured with a Canon EOS 70D
The biggest news this week, and possibly of all time, was that a photographer caught an image of a weasel riding a woodpecker. The image that was captured, we found out, with a Canon EOS 70D. [Amateur Photographer]

Since then, the internet has been enjoying itself with the image – check out the hashtag #WeaselPecker for more.

9 Cinematographers You Should Follow on Instagram
Spruce up your Instagram feed with the visual work of some of Hollywood’s greatest cinematographers. [IndieWire]

10 bogus excuses that people use when they steal a photo from the internet
An oldie, but one that’s always worth revisiting: photographer Francis Vachon bluntly charts some of the most pathetic excuses routinely given when someone wants to use a photo that isn’t theirs. [Francis Vachon]

Bewitching Photos of Ahmedabad, India at Night
A great collection over at Feature Shoot: Frederic Delangle captures an Indian metropolis after dark with some superbv low-light photography. [Feature Shoot]

Holi, festival of colours: in pictures
Heralding the beginning of spring is the Hindu Holi festival, an explosion of bright colours that takes place all across the world. Check out some of the best pictures from the festivities [The Guardian]

National Geographic’ Photo of the Day
Our favourite from National Geographic this week – this awesome shot of a polar bear and cub with a fresh kill by Yoh Fong Chang. Check out how the wings frame the younger bear’s face! [National Geographic]

Beware: Bad Review Extortion Scam Targeting Photographers
Fstoppers have drawn attention to an extortion scam currently doing the rounds on photographers’ websites. Make sure you know what to look out for. [Fstoppers]

Before there was Photoshop
And finally, watch some beautiful craftsmanship as Konrad Eek works up a print with darkroom techniques in a tribute to Photoshop’s 25th anniversary. []