Alex Turner

Picture: Alex Turner

The independent police watchdog has said it will not pursue a complaint made by a photographer who was arrested after taking pictures in Kent. Instead, it will be left to local police to carry out their own internal investigation.

Amateur photographer Alex Turner was arrested, and later ‘dearrested’, in Chatham High Street on 8 July.

He said police told him the arrest was a result of him taking a picture of an officer.

The photographer made an official complaint to Kent Police saying the incident left him ‘traumatised’.

Police then referred the photographer’s complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

However, an IPCC spokesman has since told Amateur Photographer: ‘The IPCC has assessed the information available about this incident and has decided that Kent Police can continue the investigation without further input from the IPCC. Kent Police is currently conducting an internal investigation.

The spokesman added: ‘If the complainant is not satisfied that his complaint is dealt with appropriately by Kent Police he will be able to appeal to the IPCC.’


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