Video: Photographer’s GoPro camera survives elephant attack

February 3, 2015

Chris Bray, who runs wildlife safaris, captured the moment the elephant attacked his GoPro Hero 3, which had been attached to a remote-controlled toy car and driven towards the animal.

Writing on Facebook, Bray said: ‘Facing away from me, the elephant appeared not to even notice, so I started to back the camera away to try a different angle.

‘Suddenly, the elephant swung around, shaking his head menacingly and stormed right up to the toy car, deliberately put his foot on top of it and crushed downwards, smashing it into pieces before wandering onwards.

‘Amazingly, the camera survived!

‘The [toy] car was obliterated but the GoPro kept filming.’

The video was shared on YouTube by citizen journalism website Newsflare. See below:

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