Vanguard adds VEO clamp duo for steady shooting

April 28, 2022

Vanguard has announced two new VEO clamps – the VEO CP-46 and VEO CP-65 – which will allow you to set up and steady your camera gear on almost any surface.  

When paired with a support arm or magic arm, such as the VEO TSA DLX, these clamps allow you to transform almost any surface (for example, tables or railings) into a base for a steady shot, reducing the need to carry a tripod.

The clamps are said to be, ‘small enough to carry in any bag, or even a jacket pocket.’

Vanguard claims the clamps are, ‘great for everyday use, and perfect for holidays where baggage restrictions continue to limit a travelling photographer, while disguising the fact that you’re carrying valuable camera kit when you reach your destination.’

The Vanguard VEO CP-65 kit attached to a tripod leg

The Vanguard VEO CP-65 kit attached to a tripod leg

Attaching support arms

At the end of each clamp there are two threaded holes, a 1/4” and a 3/8”, which allow you to attach any support arm.

There is then a third 1/4” threaded hole on the opposite side of the locking knob for maximum versatility.

Each of these threaded holes incorporate bayonet slots on each side, to help to ensure that the support arm won’t slip when set up, and making it a ‘perfect partner’ for the VEO TSA DLX support arm.

The inside of each clamp has a textured rubber pad that maximises grip and helps to protect the surface that the clamp is attached to.

At the end of each clamp is a clasp that can swing 180° to the best position for the surface.

With a load capacities of up to 2.5kg on the VEO CP-65, and up to 1.5kg with the VEO CP-46, you can attach an everyday camera kit or multiple accessories.

The Vanguard VEO CP-46 kit

The Vanguard VEO CP-46 kit supports up to a 1.5kg payload

Pricing & availability

Vanguard’s new VEO clamps will be on sale from 9 May 2022 at retailers.

The CP-46 clamp sells at £59.99 and the CP-65 sells at £69.99.

To find out more go to the Vanguard World website.

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