Parliament should urgently conduct a thorough, evidence-based, review of all counter-terrorism legislation, a parliamentary committee on human rights has said.

Published yesterday, the report – by a committee of MPs and peers – recommends that the review ?be treated as an urgent priority by the next Parliament?.

Compiled by Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights, the report states: ?In our view the question is not whether counter-terrorism legislation is needed at all, but whether the counter-terrorism legislation that we have got is justified and proportionate in the light of the most up to date nature and scale of the threat we face from terrorism.

?What is needed is not consolidation, but a thoroughgoing, evidence-based review of the necessity for, and proportionality of all the counter-terrorism legislation passed since 11 September 2001.

The report adds: ?That review should be carried out in the light of evidence of how it has worked in practice and the reasons why it is said to remain necessary and proportionate in the circumstances in which we live today.?

The full report,Counter-Terrorism Policy and Human Rights: Bringing Human Rights Back In, can be read HERE.


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