Unseen ‘signed’ NASA shots unearthed

April 13, 2007

Never-before-seen ‘signed’ images documenting NASA space missions have been revealed and will go on show to the UK public this summer.

The photographs have been plucked from a collection of official large format NASA photographs built up by UK collector Leslie Cantwell.

The archive ? said to cover missions from Apollo 7 to Apollo 17 – includes a collection of ?original? photographs captured using Hasselblad cameras, according the Proud Galleries in Camden, London which is to exhibit the images from 22 June until ?late summer?.

A gallery spokesman said: ?What makes this collection so unique is not only the signatures of the original astronauts but that a vast part of the collection includes personal inscriptions by the astronauts.?

The show ? called ‘Images of Apollo’ – will take place at Proud Galleries, Stables Market, The Gin House, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8AH. Entry will be free.

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Picture credit: NASA