The British astronaut has posted images on his Flickr page, which also reveals the settings he used on the Nikon D4 [Photo: © ESA/NASA]

Peake received guidance on how to use the Nikon D4 before he embarked on his six-month mission on board the International Space Station (ISS) in December.

Among the latest shots posted to the photo-sharing website is an image entitled ‘City Lights’, which has garnered more than 38,000 views.

It was captured over Punjab, India, using a Nikon D4 on 8 January – using a 28mm f/1.4 lens, ISO of 10,000, spot metering and auto white balance. The exposure time was one second.

Among the scores of Flickr users to comment on the shot was a member called Chas W, who wrote: ‘Great image of the earth and starry sky. It makes you realise just how small we really are in the universe.’

Deb Woodward wrote: ‘Stunning!’

Another Flickr member, Diane, added: ‘What an EXTREMELY beautiful view! Magical and once in a lifetime moment.’

In 2014, Peake tweeted a photo showing how the D4 is protected during spacewalks.

‘Had great lesson on Nikon D4 camera & how best to use some of the lenses onboard #ISS for those all important photos!’ he wrote.

Peake has said he hopes to use the D4 on a spacewalk, according to postings he has made on social media.

The Nikon D4, which was launched in 2012, boasts a shooting rate of up to 11 frames per second.

Last week, Nikon revealed a new flagship professional DSLR in the shape of the D5.

To view Tim Peake’s Flickr photos, click HERE.