The ‘Selfie Arm’: A selfie stick shaped like a human arm

May 5, 2015


The fibreglass Selfie Arm. Image by Aric Snee

Though the selfie stick has made the act of taking a selfie considerably easier, one thing that it as of yet cannot do is make you look less alone while you do it.

However, American artists Aric Snee and Justin Crowe have made a stab at cracking the problem with their new project, the Selfie Arm.


The selfie arm will fit ‘most smart phones’. Image by Aric Snee

It is essentially what it sounds like – a selfie stick moulded in the shape of a human arm, intended to provide the illusion of another person in the image.

The artists describe the arm as ‘a direct commentary on the growing selfie stick phenomenon, and the constant, gnawing need for narcissistic internet validation.’


‘Some museums have banned the devices, forcing unsuspecting visitors to actually look at the art.’ Image by Aric Snee

Using the product as an opportunity to take several such swipes at the culture of the selfie, Snee and Crowe also suggest that the user can ‘even create fake accounts and use its finger to like all your images; its not you its [sic] the hand!’

The Arm was also featured on CNN, which you can watch below (quite a few of the commenters don’t seem to quite get the joke).

Snee and Crowe suggest a price of $6,200 for one of ten artist-signed Selfie Arms. You can sign up to the mailing list on the Justin Crowe studio website ( to be among the first to find out more.