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Real or Photoshop?

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This quick fun quiz is part of Adobe’s Photoshop  25th anniversary celebrations. Twenty-five images. Are they real, or are they Photoshopped? Its harder than you think! [Adobe]

4 scams that are targeting photographers

An important list here from the blog at Photoshelter – make sure you stay vigilant! [Photoshelter]

Photographing every skin tone in the world

Brazilian artist Angélica Dass has embarked on an ambitious project to capture a portrait of every human skin tone on Earth, matched to a specific shade. [PSFK]

Fan taking photo causes horrific crash at Italy’s biggest bike race

Proof if proof were needed that we need to exercise care and restraint when taking photos at sporting events. WARNING: This post images of a man’s arm bending the wrong way and it is horrible. Don’t actually click it. [Business Insider]

Amazon Prime offering unlimited photo storage at no extra cost

Interesing news – Amazon has beefed up its subscription-based Prime service to offer unlimited online photo backup and storage. Yes, unlimited, and at no extra cost. [Amazon]

How photographers are using Instagram to help Nepal

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A small group of photographers has banded together to document the scale of destruction following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in central Nepal. [Time Lightbox]

Into the Gloaming: behind the scenes

Lastyly, go behind the scenes with art photographer Alexia Sinclair to get a look at the production of her incredible print ‘Into the Gloaming. [Alexia Sinclair]