A man who was arrested while taking photographs in central London on royal wedding day, under anti-terror laws, has been released police have said.

?We did arrest a man under Section 58a of the Terrorism Act on suspicion of gathering material for purposes of terrorism,? said a Metropolitan Police spokeswoman.

?He has subsequently been released with no further action.?

Section 58a makes a photograph of a police constable a potential crime if police deem it likely to be useful to a terrorist.

Police were unable to confirm a report by the Press Association that the man was seen taking pictures of security personnel and transport hubs in the Charing Cross area.

The Met confirmed to Amateur Photographer that the man was released the same day.

The Met?s guidance for officers’ use of Section 58A states: ‘It would ordinarily be unlawful to use Section 58A to arrest people photographing police officers in the course of normal policing activities, including protests, because there would not normally be grounds for suspecting that the photographs were being taken to provide assistance to a terrorist.

‘An arrest would only be lawful if an arresting officer had a reasonable suspicion that the photographs were being taken in order to provide practical assistance to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.’