Taylor Swift photo ‘rights grab’ outcry escalates as newspaper refuses to publish images

July 1, 2015

Taylor Swift [image via iStock, © EdStock]


The Irish Times deputy picture editor Brenda Fitzsimons said in yesterday’s paper: ‘The terms and conditions of the contract are exceedingly restrictive and just not feasible for a working newspaper and website.

‘The photographs may be used on a one-time only basis and by signing her contract we grant Swift perpetual, worldwide right to use the published photographs in any way she see fit.’

Last week, photographer Jason Sheldon wrote an open letter to Taylor Swift, protesting that she does not offer photographers a fair deal.

The letter to Taylor Swift quickly went viral, reported Amateur Photographer’s Jon Stapley.

Sheldon was responding to Swift’s successful call for Apple Music to pay its artists fairly by revealing what appeared to be an authorisation form demanding exclusive rights from photographers who shoot her concerts.

The Irish Times yesterday observed that Taylor Swift has won many plaudits from the music industry for attacking streaming services such Apple and Spotify over copyright and royalties.

‘However,’ it adds, ‘she has now been labelled a hypocrite for treating photographers in much the same way she believes Apple and Spotify have treated her’.

Following the initial furore, Swift’s management last week told the BBC: ‘The standard photography agreement has been misrepresented in that it clearly states that any photographer shooting The 1989 World Tour has the opportunity for further use of said photographs with management’s approval…

‘Every artist has the right to, and should, protect the use of their name and likeness.’

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