Shock demand triggers ‘new’ b&w film cameras

December 4, 2012

Harman’s director of Sales and Marketing Steven Brierley said: ‘We continue to be surprised at the number of requests we get for retro-style b&w film cameras.

‘Many are from digital users who now want the look of real b&w prints from a film negative, especially when they go to events and parties.’

There are two film choices available, each delivering 27 exposures: the Ilford XP2 Super single-use camera, which uses C41 processing; and the HP5 Plus which requires b&w film chemistry.

The redesigned cameras each include a flash and cost around £8.99.

A process-paid version of the HP5 Plus costs £14.99.

A Harman spokesperson said that the HP5 Plus is a relaunched, redesigned, camera while the XP2 Super was previously only available in the United States.

For details call Harman on 01565 684000 or visit

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