Russia answers call for Gordon Brown lookalike (update)

January 14, 2008

The photographer who launched an appeal for a Gordon Brown lookalike has received a big response from Russia, she tells British magazine Amateur Photographer.

Known for her pictures of celebrity lookalikes in compromising positions Alison Jackson launched the campaign on her website earlier today.

Asked what the response has been so far she told Amateur Photographer: ?I?ve had lots of responses from Russia.?

So far, no-one from the UK has come forward despite trawling locations including ‘butchers’, farms and shops.

As part of upcoming castings in Glasgow and London, Jackson plans to take to the road using a special ‘Gordon mobile’ – a car from which a loud hailer and the ‘heads of Gordon Brown on sticks’ will be used to advertise the vacant position.

‘I’m absolutely amazed it’s so difficult. He’s got reasonably regular features. I just dread that I go to the open castings and no-one is going to be there because people are just not coming forward as Gordon Brown,’ she told us.

When asked how long it took to attract a Tony Blair double, the photographer said it took no time at all for as many as 10 Tony Blair impersonators to come forward.

‘It’s so ridiculous. Some lookalikes own Porsches, four-bedroom houses… it’s a good job to have.’

Jackson plans to use the Gordon Brown stand-in for a documentary project.

The photographer adds that the results of her search for a Gordon Brown will be published in Esquire magazine.

? As part of future projects the photographer will also need lookalikes for presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. ‘My lookalike for Hillary Clinton is redundant now,’ explains Jackson. ‘She has changed so much and seems to get younger and younger.’