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Wildlife photographer Chris Packham, one of the judges of the event, said: ‘Photographs of any animals can be entered into the competition. It could be a pet dog, cat, rabbits or, if you don’t have a pet, you could head out into the countryside for some wildlife, or take a picture of a cow or a horse that you pass on your way to school each day.’

The top prize is a weekend photography break and Wex photo vouchers.

The winners will be announced at the Tower of London in December.

The closing date is 26 August 2016. For full details of the age categories, and to enter, visit

Some of the RSPCA’s ‘tips for success’
● Be original. Don’t try to copy pictures you’ve seen in previous years or by another photographer. Surprise the judges with something new.
● Find a subject and work at it. Don’t just rely on a lucky shot, find an animal that you can photograph over and over. Get to know your subject inside out and use that knowledge to improve your pictures.
● Get to know your camera. Learn how to change the camera settings without thinking about them so you won’t miss a golden opportunity.
● Get feedback from people as you work. Trust your instincts and always ask yourself, how can I improve this picture? Then go out and do it.