Revamped Lensbaby in UK next month

October 3, 2006

Unlike previous versions of Lensbaby, the new version – out next month priced £199.99 ? is claimed to allow photographers to ?lock? the device in a desired bent position with the press of a button.

Designed for use on SLRs, Lensbaby products are ?selective focus? lenses which aim to capture images with one area in sharp focus – whereby the ?sweet spot? is surrounded by a ?graduated blur?, explains UK distributor Intro 2020.

It adds that once Lensbaby 3G is locked in place, the photographer can fine-tune focusing manually using the lens barrel focusing ring.

?Photographers can move the sweet spot of sharp focus anywhere in the photo by bending the flexible lens tubing,? claims Intro 2020.

Existing Lensbaby products require the photographer to manually hold the Lensbaby in a bent position while pressing the shutter release.

Lensbaby 3G has a focal length of around 50mm and will be available from next month in Canon EF and Nikon F fits. A version compatible with Four Thirds, ?Pentax K/Samsung? and ?Sony Alpha/Minolta? mounts will be out in December, according to Intro 2020.

For details call Intro 2020 on 01628 674411 or visit

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