American surfing photographer Larry Moore – whose work is credited as helping to stimulate a boom in the surfing industry over recent decades – has died aged 57.

Moore started his career as a darkroom assistant on US-based Surfing Magazine around 1970 and was promoted to staff photographer and photo editor in 1973.

Moore ? nicknamed Flame – was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2002 yet continued to come into the offices of the magazine until a fortnight before he died.

He became known for his bright, action-packed photos of surfers ? representing a departure from the backlit images widely used during the 1960s. The technique was dubbed ?Larrylight?.

At Moore?s request his family have set up a non-profit trust designed to enable young, aspiring surfing photographers ?fulfil their? dream?.

The Follow the Light Foundation will be based in San Clemente, California. For details visit

Picture credit: Flame