The prices of cameras featuring more than eight-million-pixels are expected to fall sharply towards the end of this year, claims a report published by Japan Camera Trade News (JCTN).

The forecast was based on figures supplied by Japan?s Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA), comparing average prices of cameras exported from Japan from June 2005 to June 2007.

?No big drop will be seen for low and medium-grade cameras but top models are expected to start dropping quite significantly,? states the article.

JCTN also claims that as consumers demand ?more sophisticated cameras?, it is possible that those with ?less than a six megapixel CCD may virtually disappear from the market?.

The share of exported cameras in the sub-6MP category fell from 47.4%, in January 2006, to 6.2% in June this year, adds the report.

? Figures show the number of SLRs exported from Japan soared by 76% in the first half of this year compared with the same period in 2006.

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