Police stop AP staff amid terrorism fears

March 13, 2007

Police apprehended two AP staff members on Westminster Bridge in an incident that highlights the ongoing security concerns with regard to photography near prominent central London sites.

Two community support officers approached AP technical writer Barney Britton (pictured) and technique writer Ben Brain informing them that they were being stopped under the Terrorism Act 2000 – as part of a routine security measure – because they had been seen taking pictures of the Houses of Parliament.

However, Barney and Ben were left baffled. Though the police completed a ?stop and search? form for each, they allowed them to continue taking pictures and did not search either of them.

The officers quizzed the pair for 15 minutes ? telling them they wanted to record their details on file – before letting them go.

While Barney and Ben complied with their requests, two armed officers appeared at the scene to ask if the community support police needed additional back up.

The extra support wasn?t needed.

Fortunately, the AP duo had finished taking their pictures and these will be included in a future article about photographic technique.

? Keep an eye on future issues for more details and official comment on the incident from Scotland Yard

Picture credit: Ben Brain

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