Polaroid in fresh talks over film survival

June 25, 2008

Polaroid is in fresh talks over the survival of its professional instant sheet film following its failure to reach agreement with UK firm Ilford Photo.

Polaroid bosses have confirmed that they are in discussions with a ?third party? over the continued production of 20x24in large format professional b&w sheet film.

In a meeting with Amateur Photographer, Polaroid?s European vice-president Paul Telford also revealed that there is a ?strong possibility? that production of 8x10in format sheet film will be taken up by an, as yet, unnamed manufacturer.

Earlier this month we reported that Polaroid had failed to agree a manufacturing deal with Ilford Photo, which is based in Cheshire.

At the time a spokesman for Harman Technology Ltd, which trades as Ilford Photo, said that the move would have been ?cost prohibitive?, given declining demand.

In February, Polaroid announced plans to axe film production, blaming competition from digital cameras, 61 years after it hailed the birth of ‘instant photography’.

The move comes as Polaroid prepares to launch an assault on the consumer market.

Next month sees the UK debut of a portable ?inkless? £99 digital printer called PoGo (pictured).

This will be followed later this year by a digital camera featuring a built-in printer that uses the same technology.

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