PM’s photographer no longer taxpayer funded, reports claim

November 16, 2010

Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged to remove his personal photographer from the public payroll, according to numerous press reports.

The news comes just days after Cameron defended the appointment of the photographer, Andrew Parsons, on a civil service salary.

By appointing an in-house photographer the Government saved spending money on freelances.

Downing Street sources are today quoted as telling reporters that, though the appointment was designed to save money across government communications, the move ?sends out the wrong message?.

Earlier this month the Prime Minister came under fire about the matter in the House of Commons.

Labour leader Ed Miliband mocked the PM over the appointment, saying: ‘There’s good news for the Prime Minister ? apparently he [the photographer] does a good line in airbrushing.’

Cameron hit back saying that the Government’s communications budget has been slashed by two-thirds.