This year’s PMA took place between 3rd and 5th March at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Amateur Photographer was there to report the latest news and product announcements as they happened.

Latest news from PMA 2009:

Panasonic to further expand Micro Four Thirds

Nikon camera sales surge despite recession

Samsung in talks over GX camera

Vivitar-branded DSLR lenses revealed

Pentax revives medium format camera plan

Leica will not rule out hybrid camera

Not the end for Four Thirds, says Panasonic

PMA: Panasonic launches video-equipped GH1 camera

Sigma DSLR news

Sony plans six new lenses

Sony uses DSLR technology in DSC-HX1

Pentax launches 15mm lens for digital SLRs

Las Vegas showcase for new Sigma lenses

Pentax unveils first bridge camera

Samsung’s hybrid camera out ‘this year’

General Imaging bridge camera delay

HD video among new AgfaPhoto camera line-up

Highlights from PMA 2008:

Leica To Develop Full Frame M8

Samsung reveals bold digital SLR camera plans

Sigma unveils three new ?OS? lenses

Photo industry worth ‘$83 billion’ worldwide, says PMA

Tamron announces six lenses at PMA

Cameras Galore at PMA

Sigma announces Four Thirds lens duo

PMA: Pentax chiefs hold talks on price of K20D camera

Casio: Our flagship compact will compete against DSLRs

PMA launchpad for Tamron’s 28-300mm ‘Vibration Compensation’ lens

Fujifilm plans medium-format folding camera

PMA News: Leica unwraps 7.2MP C-Lux 2