Pixel count gives cropping advantage to Canon EOS 1D Mark IV

October 21, 2009

The increased pixel count of the EOS 1D IV will allow photographers more flexibility when cropping their images, as well as recording more detail and providing larger prints, according to Canon. The jump from 10 million pixels to 16 million is greater than widely expected, and takes the camera?s file sizes to the limit of what can be easily and quickly transmitted over wireless networks. None the less, the ability to crop an upright image from a landscape format original is invaluable, says Mike Owen, DSLR product manager for Canon Europe. ?In sports and news photography things are happening very quickly, and photographers do not always have more than a couple of seconds to react. It often happens that photographers take a picture in landscape orientation, but wish afterwards that they had shot it upright. With lower pixel counts it?s hard to crop to an upright while maintaining a useful pixel count, but with our 16 million pixel sensor photographers can crop quite heavily and still keep a good file size.?

Faster shutter speeds needed

The increased pixel count, smaller pixels and reduced space between then also calls for faster speeds to freeze motion and prevent blurred images. The higher ISO ratings and their reduced noise levels makes this much easier to achieve. ?Photographers moving from a lower resolution sensor are often surprised how much the extra resolution shows motion blur at lower shutter speeds. The increased sensitivity of this sensor more than compensates with its high ISO settings.?

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