Photos: Film reveals strange Getty requests (update)

December 1, 2008

Some of the strangest requests for photographs ever received by staff at Getty Images Hulton Archive are revealed in a prize-winning video.

Filmmaker Laurie Hill won £5,000 with a short film he made using photographs plucked from Hulton Getty?s vast archive of still and moving images.

The 6min50secs film, entitled ?Photograph of Jesus?, is an animated ?documentary-fantasy?, based on ?strange requests for impossible images? that Getty receives on an everyday basis.

Such odd requests include a photograph of a Dodo, a picture of Adolf Hitler at the ?1948? Olympics and an image of Jack the Ripper.

The Short & Sweet Film Challenge gave entrants three months to produce a film, with at least 50% of the images drawn from the Hulton Getty collection.

The Hulton Getty Archive contains around 60million images and around 30,000 hours of footage.

The archive?s vice-president Matt Butson does the voiceover for the film.

The prize was awarded at a presentation event held in central London, hosted by Matt Butson.

To watch the winning film visit

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