Photography news: BT phone box is ‘smallest art gallery’

July 7, 2009

A BT telephone box has been converted into what is claimed to be the world’s smallest art gallery.

‘Contributions are welcomed from members of the public and must be no larger than a postcard,’ says the gallery’s ‘curator’ Professor Roger Taylor (pictured) who lives nearby the phone box in Settle, North Yorkshire.

Visitors are asked to make contributions of ‘postcard art’.

The Gallery on the Green will exhibit photographs, paintings and drawings.

‘For example, for the opening exhibition we have postcards from local artists and schoolchildren, as well as examples by more renowned figures such as Ansel Adams, Paul Hill, Samuel Palmer and Toulouse Lautrec.

‘We are very excited to see such a creative use of the phone box and it’s great to have a bit of fun as well as involve the wider community in a contemporary art and photography project,’ said Taylor who is Professor of Photographic History at De Montfort University.

The decommissioned box was restored in a project led by local residents, with help from the local council.

It’s ‘door’ will be officially opened at 3pm on 11 July by the Mayor of Settle, Councillor Barbara McLernon.

At the time of writing it was unclear how many visitors would be allowed into the gallery at one time.

BT phone box

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