Photography app aims to ‘make every photo count’

November 14, 2014

Unlike most digital camera photos, the captured images will not be visible to the photographer until they land on the doormat, as a square-format print.

‘No previews, no cropping, no editing. You will simply capture the moment and savour the surprise when your photos come through your door,’ said the app’s developer, London-based technology firm, Kite.

Marketed as a ‘disposable camera for the digital age’, ZenCam will provide users with a ‘film roll’ – limited to 20 digital photos.

By reverting to ‘traditional photography methods’, the app’s developer hopes to encourage people to ‘slow down and take better pictures’.

Due to be launched next month, ZenCam will allow users to order two sets of 20 (3.7in x 3.7in) prints per month, paying nothing for the prints, but £2.49 for UK postage and delivery.

Kite’s CEO, Charlie Carpenter, said: ‘In a digital age where it costs absolutely nothing to take a photo, we end up with over half our photos being useless.

‘We often spend so much time taking multiple photos of an event that we miss experiencing it first hand.

‘What’s more, while we spend all this time taking photos, we very rarely take the time to reflect on them.’

In a video, posted on crowdfunding website Kickstarter, Carpenter added: ‘Our obsession with taking pictures stops us from experiencing the moment.

‘We end up with tons of duplicates, selfies and screen shots.

‘In fact, we never take the time to look over our archives to organise them. But what if every click meant a printed photo, like our cameras used to work?’

The Kickstarter project has raised more than £1,000 of the £5,000 needed, with 17 days to go before the fundraising deadline expires.

‘With ZenCam you’ll stop taking photos of every latte and start taking photos of the stuff that really matters,’ Carpenter claimed.

Users will be able to buy extra ‘film rolls’, beyond the two-per-month limit, as well as order extra copies of their prints – or get them printed in different formats, such as magnets.

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