Photographers ‘returning to film’, claims lab

June 19, 2006

Many photographers are returning to film for medium and large format prints, claims mail-order lab Peak Imaging which has recently upgraded its film processing equipment.

Peak Imaging?s managing director Wayne Gledhill told us this morning: ?They are returning to medium and large format film because of the size of print they can get, while retaining quality (20x16in and above). Many fine art, product and landscape photographers are showing signs of preference toward film.? He claimed that many photographers are returning to 120 and 5x4in film for larger format prints.

?Recent upgrades in wet processing equipment have also confirmed Peak?s future commitment to the processing of E-6, C-41 and black & white film,? he continued.

The lab, which is based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire also offers a digital printing service and has recently launched a new version of its internet ordering system.

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