Photographers must help train terror police, says MP

October 28, 2010

MP Don Foster today urged press photographers to take collective action in helping to train police officers in the correct use of anti-terrorism laws, reports

NEWS UPDATE: Police chiefs failing photographers

Foster was speaking at a seminar in the House of Commons entitled ‘Who?s afraid of Photographers??.

The seminar, arranged by the National Union of Journalists, focused on the controversial Section 44 law which allows police officers to stop and search people without grounds for suspicion.

In the summer the Government limited the use of Section 44, to the stop and search of vehicles.

Foster, the Liberal Democrats MP for Bath, is reported to have told photographers: ?You need to talk about ways in which you can engage with those law enforcement agencies, in particular the police, to help work through with them what is legitimate and what is not legitimate.

?That means you have to engage with police in their training procedures with new recruits.?

He called on photographers to ensure that the Government axes Section 44 completely.

Last week photography lawyer Rupert Grey held talks with the Metropolitan Police on photographers’ rights and anti-terror laws.

Speaking to Amateur Photographer a few weeks ago, Grey stressed the need to ensure ?police on the beat are doing what the top guys are saying they should?.

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