Photographers face uncertainty over anti-terror laws

May 20, 2010

The Government has yet to make clear whether it plans to review police use of the controversial anti-terrorism stop-and-search legislation that has ensnared many innocent photographers.

Before the Election both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats indicated an intent to end police misuse of the Section 44 power.

Asked if there will be a review of Section 44 stop and search, a Home Office spokesman told Amateur Photographer yesterday: ?There has been no further detail released yet on the scope of any review into counter-terrorism legislation.?

Earlier this month we learned that photographers continue to be the unwitting victims of the UK’s anti-terrorism laws when architectural photographer Grant Smith was stopped while photographing a building in the City of London and physically restrained by officers who confiscated his camera and mobile phone.

In a meeting with Amateur Photographer magazine in March, the government once again attempted to reassure photographers that they are not being ‘targeted’ by police officers under anti-terrorism stop and search powers.

Meanwhile, the European Court of Human Rights has yet to make a decision on an appeal lodged by the former government after the court ruled that use of Section 44 stop-and-search powers is illegal and breaches human rights.


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