Photographers can turn digital photos into large-format 20x24in Polaroid prints

November 3, 2015

The Supersense project is the brainchild of Impossible Project founder Florian Kaps, who said he wanted to make 20x24in Polaroid photographs available worldwide.

‘At the click of a mouse, everybody can now expose personal, digital images with the legendary 20×24 camera,’ the company said of the service, which costs €250 for a single 20×24 ‘online exposure’.

‘Customers simply send their digital photographs to Supersense, where one of the seven worldwide-available 20×24 camera giants is located.

‘Through a hand-buil[t] tool invented by Henny Waanders – a former Polaroid camera developer – Supersense 20×24 experts expose digital images from an iPad Mini’s retina display, through the 20×24 camera onto 20×24 film.’

The Impossible Project stresses this is not a digital printing service, ‘but a unique analogue exposure-service on instant film’.

It added: The results depend on a highly complex chemical reaction, being neither predictable nor reproducible’.

The 20x24in photos are despatched in an ‘art-edition roll’ from the Impossible Project’s base in Vienna, Austria.

Customers can choose, by appointment, to watch the transformation of their photos via a livestream.

Smaller, 8x10in exposures are available, priced €30 each.

For full details, visit

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