Photographer reveals how he shot incredible fish-trapped-in-jellyfish image

June 9, 2016

© Tim Samuel/

Ocean lover Tim Samuel, who captured the image in New South Wales, Australia, told Amateur Photographer (AP) his email inbox has been ‘getting hammered’, since the story was picked up by the world’s media earlier this week.

‘I found this fish trapped inside a jellyfish while freediving in Byron Bay,’ Tim wrote on his Instagram page. ‘He was trapped in there but controlled where the jellyfish was moving.’

AP was curious to find out what camera equipment Tim used for the image. He told us: ‘The gear I used was a Canon 5D Mark III in an AquaTech water housing.’

‘I used a Canon 16-35mm lens, shot around 35mm.’

Tim took the photo in December 2015. It only grabbed attention recently when another of his jellyfish shots garnered more than 20,000 ‘likes’ on the Instagram page of discoverocean.

‘It is crazy how much attention this little guy is getting. When @franny.plumridge and I stumbled upon it we knew we had found something special, but had no idea just how unique and rare this sighting was,’ he wrote.

‘I’m completely blown away by all the attention it is getting from all over the world.’

To see more of Tim’s work, check out his Instagram page.

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