Photographer accused of Iraq terrorism links

November 20, 2007

An award-winning Associated Press photographer faces possible criminal prosecution over alleged links to terrorism groups operating in Iraq, press reports suggest.

Photojournalist Bilal Hussein was detained by US troops in Ramadi in April 2006 accused of being a security threat.

It is reported that the US military now has fresh evidence to bring a criminal case against him in an Iraqi court.

Hussein is a 35-year-old Iraqi citizen who, according to the agency?s own internal investigation, does not have ?inappropriate contact with insurgents?.

The US military believe he is a terrorist media operative who infiltrated the news agency, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Suspicions were first raised when he allegedly appeared at the scene of terrorist attacks with what appeared to be prior knowledge of assault plans.

He has also been accused of possessing surveillance images of military installations and ?insurgent propaganda materials? for making roadside bombs.

The agency’s associate general counsel Dave Tomlin hit out at the US military?s claims.

?Whenever we ask to see what?s so convincing we get back something that isn?t convincing at all,? he said in an Associated Press article published yesterday.

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