Panasonic GF7 set for March debut in UK

January 20, 2015

GF7s_back.webDrawing on news that the term ‘selfie’ was reportedly mentioned 92 million times on Twitter last year, the Panasonic Lumix GF7 boasts a Self Shot mode – activated when the user flips up the 180°, 3in (1.04-million-dot resolution) LCD monitor.

For a smoother look on selfies, users can deploy the camera’s Soft Skin mode.

Defocusing and a ‘slimming’ effects are also possible – the latter designed to make a subject’s face appear slimmer, adds Panasonic.

The DMC-GF7 (to give the camera its full name) also includes a mode designed to trigger the shutter when a couple’s faces are close enough for a couply self-portrait, by using face detection.

For an action twist, the GF7 incorporates Jump Snap, where a smartphone can be used to fire the GF7’s shutter when its user leaps into the air.

‘The remote control smartphone automatically detects the highest point of your jump, and releases the Lumix GF7’s shutter while you’re in mid-air,’ explained Panasonic.

GF7s_front_H_FS12032_s.webOther features include built-in Wi-Fi, a Venus Engine image processor, full HD video and a ‘leather-touch’ grip.

The 22 filter options include Retro, Dynamic Monochrome and Toy Effect.

‘You can even take images with and without the filter effect at the same time, so you can compare the results and choose your favourite later.’

Also on board are Time Lapse and Stop Motion Animation – the latter a film-making technique that allows static objects to look as though they are moving.

Set to cost £429, the GF7 will be available in silver and brown colour options.

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