It’s World Photography Day!

Today is World Photography Day, a global celebration of our favourite hobby/passion/art/science/vocation, call it what you will. As well as giving social media users worldwide the chance to share their images, a lot of other organisations are using the day…

Remembering Woodstock through photography

For music obsessives and historians of 60s counter-culture, the really big 50th anniversary this year is not the Apollo 11 moon landing, but Woodstock. What started as a gathering for hippies, rock fans and drop-outs in August 1969 turned into…

Sony Alpha 7R IV versus Alpha 7R III

Sensor The Alpha 7R IV boasts the world’s first 61MP back-illuminated full-frame sensor, offering really impressive levels of detail. Its predecessor offers a lower-resolution 42.4MP sensor. While many portrait and commercial photographers will lap up all that extra resolution, the…

The Sony Alpha 7R IV – what is it good for?

Portraits Whether you are working on location or in the studio, the Alpha Sony 7R IV delivers breathtaking levels of resolution and detail. As you can see from Michael Topham’s image below, pretty much every pore on the model’s face…

Lighting shooting against the light

Master natural light for stunning shots

During the course of just 24 hours the colour, intensity and direction of natural light changes dramatically, leading to countless photographic opportunities, says John Wade

Newborn photography props

Get great shots of newborns

What’s the difference between baby and newborn photography? Plenty, says leading practitioner Kristina Mack who shares a few of her trade secrets

Paint Shop Pro gets a refresh

There’s also a SmartClone feature for object removal, a Refine Brush for refining selections, a faster text tool and extensive support for layers and masks. Upgrade to the Ultimate edition, and you also get the GRFX Studio, with thousands of…

Flashgun works out best bounce angle (so you don’t have to)

“This function is invaluable for wedding photographers or anyone shooting portraits to a tight schedule,” says UK distributor, Intro2020. An Auto Lock function also remembers this angle when the camera is turned from horizontal to vertical format. The unit has…

Strong light shadows

How to get great shots in strong summer light

Don’t put your camera away when the sun is high in the sky. Learn how to control and maximise its potential, and you will be well on your way to creating images with impact, says Tom Mackie

Exclusive Sony interview

The new Sony Alpha 7R IV has a 61Mp chip. Are we getting close to the maximum number of photosites that can be fitted onto a full frame sensor? So while we can’t talk about our future sensor plans as the leading manufacturer, we can say…

Tough times for Nikon, Canon and other big makers

While sales of its full-frame mirrorless cameras and lenses appear robust, the company has been hit hard by falling sales of entry to mid-range DSLRs in Asia, particularly in the important Chinese market. “Although efforts will be continuously made to…

Born Free takes on trophy hunting with photo contest

“Hundreds of thousands of innocent animals have been murdered by trophy hunters in the last decade alone,” says Born Free CEO Howard Jones. “Most hunters claim that the money they pay to the hunting outfitters helps wildlife conservation and local…

Claire Gillo light

Master natural light for stunning portraits

Professional photographers from across the globe reveal their top tips for shooting environmental portraits, documentary portraiture, weddings, action portraits and professional headshots