Sale of gun-style cameras to be outlawed

Cameras that look like guns could be rendered worthless to collectors from next month under new legislation which outlaws the sale of ‘realistic imitation firearms’. Picture credit: George Eastman House

Nikon poised to beat Kodak in wireless first

Nikon is set to be first to launch a consumer digital camera which has the built-in ability to transfer pictures from camera to computer or printer wirelessly using Wi-Fi technology.

Olympus reveals seven new digitals

Olympus has announced a string of new digital compacts, among them an eight-million-pixel model called the SP-350 and the 6MP mju Digital 600.

AP reader wins £45k in copyright payout

AP reader wins £45k in copyright payout

A freelance photographer has won £45,000 in an out-of-court settlement after a three-year copyright battle with the English Basketball Association (EBA), the sport’s governing body.

Mamiya revamps 645 AFD camera

Mamiya has revamped its 645 AFD medium format camera to launch the 645 AFDII - boasting improvements such as faster focusing and 36 custom settings.

BBC defends use of unpaid amateur images

BBC News has defended the free use of amateur photographs on its website insisting that most contributors have no interest in making money from the pictures.

Dixons ditches 35mm film cameras

Dixons is to axe sales of 35mm film cameras from its high-street shops claiming there is now ‘no real difference’ in quality between film and digital.

Kodak compact aims to challenge SLRs

Kodak hopes to challenge consumer digital SLRs with a new 8-million-pixel digital compact called the EasyShare P880 which it hails as a cheaper, less bulky alternative.