Enthusiast triumphs in science shootout

A photography enthusiast has walked away with a first prize in this year’s Visions of Science Photographic Awards after winning runner-up places for the past two years. Picture credit: Novartis/Daily Telegraph Visions of Science 2005/Jim Greenfield

Mrs Beckham scores own goal with a Leica

Victoria Beckham used a Leica Digilux 2 digital camera to turn the tables on the paparazzi while out shopping during Milan Fashion Week. There was just one tiny problem for the wife of the England football captain. She inadvertently provided…

Kodak signs deal with T-Mobile for ‘free’ Wi-Fi

Kodak has hooked up with mobile phone operator T-Mobile to give users of its wireless-enabled EasyShare-One camera free use of more than 800 of T-mobile’s Wi-Fi ‘hotspots’ around the UK. However, it has emerged that those receiving images emailed wirelessly…

A policeman ‘deleted my pictures’, claims MP

A policeman deliberately deleted pictures from the digital camera Austin Mitchell was using at this week’s Labour Party Conference after officials had stopped him taking snapshots, claims the MP.

Another Diana-type tragedy looms, warns US

The paparazzi are increasingly putting the lives of Hollywood celebrities’ at risk, say officials in the US who fear a tragedy similar to the car accident which killed Princess Diana. Picture credit: IPC Images

Olympus targets enthusiasts with E-500 SLR

Olympus will next month bolster its Four Thirds E-System digital SLR line-up with the addition of an eight-million-pixel model called the E-500 which is aimed at the enthusiast market. It has also unveiled five new E-System Zuiko lenses.

Magnum opens up historic picture archive

For the first time in its history the famed photojournalism agency Magnum Photos is to make its prints available for the UK public to view and buy. Picture credit: Steve McCurry/Magnum Photos

David Bailey bags RPS Centenary Medal

Legendary photographer David Bailey is to receive a Centenary Medal from the Royal Photographic Society in recognition of his lifetime achievements. Picture credit: David Bailey

HP to axe nearly 1,000 jobs in UK

Hewlett Packard (HP) is poised to axe 968 jobs in the UK as part of worldwide re-structuring plans that were announced in July, the company’s UK office has confirmed.

New website targets ‘public paparazzi’

Cashing in on the growing band of amateur photojournalists is a website designed to allow the ‘public paparazzi’ to sell their celebrity photos to the world’s press.

Camera to help save Brazilian rainforest

Renowned documentary photographer Sebastião Salgado is to auction his limited-edition ‘solid titanium’ Leica M7 to raise money for the Brazilian rainforest. Picture credit: Westlicht Photographica Auction

Sony unveils 10MP digital compact camera

Sony has unveiled a 10-million-pixel digital compact camera called the Cyber-shot DSC-R1 which sports an APS-C sized CMOS imaging sensor and is expected to cost around £700.

Sale of gun-style cameras to be outlawed

Cameras that look like guns could be rendered worthless to collectors from next month under new legislation which outlaws the sale of ‘realistic imitation firearms’. Picture credit: George Eastman House