Photo crowdsourcing service Scoopshot today announced that it has secured $1.2million of funding from the world's top-selling stock photographer Yuri Arcurs

Scoopshot is an on-demand image service aiming

to provide an alternative to stock photo libraries, allowing buyers to create

photo assignments in specific locations for Scoopshot photographers to quickly

carry out.

Both Scoopshot and Arcurs believe that on-demand

photography is the future for the stock industry. Scoopshot CEO Niko Ruokosuo

said in a statement, ‘Buyers are tired of wading through page after page of

stale and over-used photography, before having to compromise.’

He added, ‘It is our belief that the majority of

stock photography will be on-demand within the next five years. To survive,

photo sites must adapt and adopt new models for monetising photography. It

really is a case of do or die.’

Scoopshot aims to revolutionise stock

photography by giving buyers the chance to request what they want from

photographers, rather than forcing them to trawl through static libraries.

The service allows for tasks to be set on a

global, national or local level, with the ability for buyers to alert

photographers with the Scoopshot app to a task in their particular, precise


A spokeswoman for Scoopshot told AP that the

team will be using the investment to grow their business by bringing aboard

more people such as Arcurs with relevant experience and contacts.

Arcurs, who it is estimated sells a photo once

every eight seconds, also today signed an exclusive content deal with Getty’s

iStockphoto, the largest such deal in the firm’s history.

To find out more or try the service for

yourself, visit Scoopshot’s website at