OM Digital Solutions: lens prices increase… but not camera bodies

April 19, 2022

OM Digital Solutions (formerly Olympus) has admitted to Amateur Photographer that it has increased prices ‘on selected lenses recently’, but the company added, ‘[we] have no immediate plans for more changes on lenses or [camera] bodies.’

That’s good news for those looking to invest in the new £1,999 (body only) Olympus OM-1 camera, but it highlights the ongoing volatility of the market for imaging product prices at this moment in time.

The news from OM Digital Solutions comes less than two weeks since Nikon revealed it is increasing prices on some imaging products and that this ‘new pricing will apply to all new orders that ship after 1 April 2022.’  

Certain Nikon imaging products were excluded from the prices rises – notably the flagship £5,299 (body only) Nikon Z 9 mirrorless camera, sport optics, accessories and other ‘certain new products’.

Since mentioning ‘certain new products’ Nikon has revealed Z-series firmware updates and a 660GB memory card, plus the fact that it is developing the Remote Grip MC-N10 for its mirrorless Z system.

The OM System 'Olympus' OM-1 will not be going up in price

The OM System ‘Olympus’ OM-1 will not be going up in price

Rising component costs

The full statement on pricing to AP from OM Digital Solutions was, ‘We adjusted the prices on selected lenses recently due to changes in component costs but have no immediate plans for more changes on lenses or bodies. As everyone may imagine, the situation is under continuous review with the current volatility in global supply chains.’  

Zeiss responds

Meanwhile, the imaging company Zeiss has also responded to our request for the current state of play of prices for its products.

The Zeiss statement read, ‘We always try to keep any price increases to a minimum. It has been challenging lately with extra Brexit costs, increase in commodity costs, and now inflation. Where we can we try to offset the extra costs, but this is not always possible.’

The ZX1 is the latest camera from Zeiss

The £5399 ZX1 is the latest camera from Zeiss

Nikon’s statement

The full Nikon statement to AP, on prices for imaging products, was, ‘The price increase will apply to all imaging products excluding; Sport Optics, accessories and certain new products including the Nikon Z 9. New pricing will apply to all new orders that will ship after the 1st April 2022. We have had to increase our prices as a result of increased component parts and logistics costs. We have explored all options to absorb these, however, regrettably we have to increase costs to maintain production.’  

Fujifilm film increases

The updates on pricing from OM Digital Solutions, Zeiss and Nikon come in the same month that Fujifilm confirmed up to 60% price hike on its films, that would come into force from 1 April 2022.

The admission by many imaging companies of price rises is not a surprise…

Fujifilm has admitted its films could rise by up to 60%

Fujifilm has admitted its films could rise by up to 60%

Factors driving prices up

Factors driving equipment costs up include the global shortage of semiconductors, difficulties with procuring key component product parts, the ongoing impact of the Covid pandemic, the impact of Brexit on the UK and hugely inflated shipping costs around the world.

Imaging companies have previously told AP that, where possible, they would seek to absorb the impact of the price rises in component parts.

AP recently contacted all of the major photographic equipment companies for clarification about if they have any current plans to raise prices on equipment and, if so, what are the factors that have caused the increase in prices.

We will bring you any further news of proposed price increases on any photographic equipment as soon as we have it.

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