Olympus poised to supply lens parts to Sony (update 29 May)

May 28, 2013

Olympus has previously indicated that the alliance, announced in September 2012, would mean the companies working together.

[NEWS UPDATE 29 MAY: Olympus remains tight-lipped on whether it will supply lens parts for Sony compact system cameras, as well as fixed-lens compacts, after Amateur Photographer sought clarification from Olympus Japan yesterday. An Olympus Japan spokesperson said the firm will not disclose such information]

Sony already supplies imaging sensors to Olympus, a collaboration that is set to expand.

Asked whether – in light of restructuring plans announced on 15 May – the alliance will mean the companies working on the development of compact system cameras as well as fixed-lens compacts, an Olympus Tokyo spokesperson said yesterday: ‘In the imaging business, the mutual parts supply has been partially started between Sony and Olympus…

‘The imaging sensor has already started to source from Sony to Olympus. And the lens [parts] and lens units will start to source from Olympus to Sony.’

Speaking last year, Olympus president Hiroyuki Sasa said the tie-up would give Olympus ‘greater business synergy in the core business domains of medical and imaging’.

He added: ‘In the field of digital cameras, we will seek to achieve collaboration in a manner that further improves the competitiveness of the two companies.’

The deal meant Sony Corporation became the largest shareholder in Olympus, giving it nearly 35 million shares and 11.46% of overall voting rights.

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