Olympics chiefs: We will not target photographers

February 9, 2012

Olympics organisers insist spectators will not face restrictions on the size of cameras they can take into the London 2012 stadium, just days after suggesting otherwise.

In a statement released to Amateur Photographer (AP) on 1 February 2012, a spokesperson for the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (Locog) said: ?Obviously we recognise that spectators will want to bring cameras into the Games. The only restrictions are around size and these restrictions are to prevent undue impact on other spectators.

?We would also not wish multi-point tripods used within the venues for the same reason.?

AP pressed Locog to elaborate, following a similar controversial statement issued last year.

A spokesman moved to reassure photographers they will not face confiscation of camera gear at the gates, but that security staff have a right to challenge people whose equipment interferes with the view of other spectators once inside.

?No way are we trying to target camera users,? said the Locog spokesman. ?The issue is basically around size.?

?The most important thing is the spectators’ experience,? he said, pointing out that bulky equipment may pose a problem.

And he warned: ?There will be a restriction on the size of bag.?

He explained that a size limit will apply to all spectators, whose bags will also face an X-ray check before they can be taken into the stadium.

However, he could not guarantee that all security guards will adhere to photography guidelines which will be set down in conditions of entry to the stadium.

Therefore, there is a chance that photographers will be challenged over their camera gear before they enter the venue.

The photography rules will accompany Olympics tickets when they are issued to spectators, the Locog spokesman told AP.

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