Olympics 2012 bosses have again been forced to spell out their rules on photography in response to a row that erupted at the East London construction site last month.

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) came under fire after two amateur photographers claimed they were targeted by heavy-handed security guards outside the site on 3 May.

Louis Berk and Steve Kessel say they were left feeling intimidated after guards demanded to see their identification.

The pair insisted they had been on a ?public pavement? and had not ventured onto the Olympic site itself.

Following his written complaint to ODA chief executive David Higgins, Louis said he received a phone call from the head of security David Commins. ?He was certainly very concerned and took seriously everything I said,? Louis told us: ?He doesn?t dispute what took place and that it should have been handled better. He said he would go back and talk to the individuals concerned.?

Louis added: ?They are certainly very concerned about photography, not so much around the site, but on the site itself.?

In response to its internal investigation ODA spokeswoman Laura Voyle told Amateur Photographer: ?Photography on the Olympic Park site is managed through the ODA, as this is a live construction site and there are health, safety and security issues.? She added: ?We cannot stop people photographing the site from the footpaths or any other public place. Our policy has not changed ? that has always been our policy.?

The ODA said it has now sent a letter to Louis setting out ?actions that will be taken as a result of the review of the incident?.