Nikon hits 40m Nikkor SLR lens milestone

August 1, 2007

Nikon is celebrating the production of its 40-millionth Nikkor SLR interchangeable lens.

?Nikon views the 40 million figure as symbolic of the love and enthusiasm shared by photography enthusiasts ? professionals and amateurs alike ? for Nikkor lenses and a testimony to their extraordinary performance and reliability,? said the company?s Tokyo office in a statement.

?Forty-eight years have passed since Nikon introduced the first Nikkor lens with F mount, together with our first SLR camera, the Nikon F,? added the company.

Nikon first launched the Nikkor lens brand in 1932.

?At that time Nikkor lenses were attached not only to Nikon cameras – such as the Nikon 1 introduced in 1948 – but also to Leica cameras and later to Contax cameras,? explained Nikon.

The F-mount, a 44mm large-diameter bayonet mount was launched for the Nikon F SLR in 1959.

The current Nikkor lens stable consists of 57 models

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