Nikon D5100

Picture: The D5100 is among the Nikon DSLRs made in Thailand

Nikon?s flood-hit DSLR factory in Thailand will be closed until January but full production is not expected to resume until the end of March 2012, the firm said in a statement today.

The catastrophe is expected to cost the company nearly £200 million in lost profit.

?The first floor of all buildings at the premises continues to be submerged,? read the statement dated 4 November.

The water level ? which was 2 metres high ? has ?lowered by about 40cm? since its peak, adds the firm.

The plant, at the Rojana Industrial Park in Ayutthaya, has been closed since 6 October.

Water-pumping is not expected to finish until the end of November.

Nikon expects production to ‘partially resume’ in January and the disaster to cost it 65 billion yen (around £520m) in lost net sales.

Nikon is understood to manufacture around 90% of all its DSLRs and 60% of its interchangeable lenses in Thailand.

The Ayutthaya plant normally churns out about five million DSLRs per year, and a similar number of lenses.