Nikon chief: Camera growth nears saturation

April 19, 2010

Demand for digital cameras is approaching saturation point, Nikon?s newly elected president has said.

The comments were made by Makoto Kimura who has been promoted to Nikon Corporation president from his role as head of Nikon?s Imaging Company.

?Growth for existing digital camera products will inevitably slow and they are set to move into a phase of saturation,? Kimura is quoted as telling reporters at a news conference in Tokyo.

He indicated that Nikon would not enjoy the same stable growth over the next ten years as it has the previous decade.

?I intend to keep dialogue open for everyone to decide what we should do to achieve further growth despite this trend,? Reuters quotes him as saying.

Kimura is due to take up his new job in June.

?He is going to be Nikon?s first top executive with expertise in both technology and marketing,? said Michio Kariya, Nikon?s current president who will stay on as chairman.

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