New 15mm 1:1 macro lens boasts shift function

June 24, 2015

Built from 12 elements in nine groups, and using 14 aperture blades, the £419 macro lens also features an extra-low dispersion element and multi-layer ‘low-reflective’ coatings to help reduce flare. On cameras with APS-C-sized sensors, the Laowa 15mm Macro should offer an 85° viewing angle. It will be available in Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony Alpha and Pentax K mounts. It will also be compatible with Sony E-mount cameras via a converter mount. The Laowa 15mm Macro is due out ‘mid to end of July’.

Press release
The Laowa 15mm Macro lens is the world’s first lens to offer a wide angle of view and 1 to 1 macro photography with infinity focus ability as well as tilt-and-shift (sic) facility.

Its 12 high-quality glass elements in nine groups and three high refractive glass elements plus one extra-low dispersion glass element combined with multi-layer low-reflective coatings (this helps to avoid unnecessary flare) allow this lens to capture incredible detail with suburb clarity.

This lens offers ultra wide angle with a 110° angle of view on full-frame sensors and 85° on APS-C sensors with 1:1 maximum magnification. Photographers can focus very close to the subject and let the foreground dominate in the photo, but at the same time have the background telling viewers about where and how the subject lives. Your picture will immediately become very informative and intriguing. Moreover, a shift system is added at the rear end of the lens with a maximum adjustment of ±6mm. This feature is used to avoid the convergence of parallel lines, which will come in handy for architectural or product photography.

This lens can also serve as an excellent ultra-wideangle lens and delivers crystal-clear sharpness both in the centre and the edge of the image. Barrel distortion is also carefully controlled along with colour fringing due to the high quality of multi-coated glass elements that are capable of creating creamy shallow depth of view

The maximum aperture is f/4 and minimum aperture f/32, and it is made up of 14 aperture blades to produce a wonderful bokeh and near-perfect circular effects. The lens is constructed from black anodised cast aluminium adding strength and durability along with an ergonomic design to the lens.

Fittings available are: Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony Alpha and Pentax K mount. Sony E is available via a converter mount.


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